Employers with a vacancy to fill, search our 'people on-line' database for pre-screened ready now job seekers. Once they find an ideal job seeker, they contact YOU, the listing recruiter, via a link on our website. It's that quick and easy!

Job Seekers promote themselves on our 'people on-line' database. A profile includes details about the position they are seeking, their skills, qualifications, experience and availability etc.

Recruiters, you can promote your pre-screened ready now job seekers to employers Australia-wide or search for 'people on-line' database for self-listed job seekers. Once you find a suitable job seeker, you make contact via a link on our website, as job seekers accept the request you are provided with their resume. It's that 'people on-line' database for quick and easy!

Utilise this service in addition to your current day activities to help candidates and clients.

You can also set up an email alert and have the details of job seekers who meet your criteria delivered to your in box as soon as they are added to our 'people on-line' database.

Appoint MeŽ is diligent in providing all parties with a professional and ethical service, we respect user privacy over the internet and this is of utmost importance to us, click here to read our on-line privacy policy.


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