Registering with us enables you to receive email alerts direct to your in-box. You can set up an email alert for the particular skills set that you require for a particular job and receive individual profiles of job seekers that match your search criteria(s) as they are added to our ‘people on-line’ database.

You can utilise this service in addition to your existing recruitment activities to gain access to a greater pool of potential employees.

If you are an employer that has a need for frequently needed skills, for instance if your business is prone to high turnover by nature, this is an excellent tool that can significantly help you find suitable employees sooner.

Personal information such as name and address (contact details) will not be provided. The alert will include the job tenure i.e. temporary or permanent, job title, skill details along with relevant and specific primary skill required, industry experience and availability of a job seeker suitable to your search criteria(s).

Our job seekers are listed on our ‘people on-line’ database by a job seeker I.D. You can only potentially reach a job seeker through the recruitment agency that listed that particular job seeker or through Appoint Me®.

Setting up an email alert is a simple and hassle free process. After you have registered as an employee on the site, you simply fill in the Alert form.

Alternatively you can email your position description, job advertisement or the key areas and responsibilities of your vacancy and we can search our ‘people on-line’ database on your behalf and contact you should we find suitable job seekers that match your criteria(s). Email to


Registering as an Employer with Appoint Me® is a simple and hassle free process. Firstly you need to create an on-line account (1. Register as an Employer). Once you have created an employer account you can log in as an employer, search for available staff and be a step closer to filling your vacancy.

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