This sets out the terms and conditions between you (the Employer) and Appoint Me Pty Ltd. A.B.N. 55 115 679 859 (Appoint Me®”) for the provision of our e-platform (online) services.


There is a yearly membership subscription fee to search and acess for the profiles of verified job seekers on www.appointme.com.au website and mobile app platform AppMe_RecruitMe.

Annual Fee - Unlimited Search and Access

          $1 per day paid as $365 annually
          $365 +GST annual fees are due and payable upon successful registration. We will send your invoice via email.
           Please Note: All fees paid to AppointMe are non-refundable.


Employers and Employees Negotiate Pay and Work Conditions

Employers contact job seekers to negotiate pay and work terms and conditions. 

There are no recruitment fees payable to Appoint Me. There is no Guarantee period. Guarantee period is not applicable.

For any recruitment service or support provided to an employer by a recruitment provider, the terms and conditions of business for the recruitment, engagement and/or placement of candidates including fees for service and any applicable guarantee periods will be negotiated between the employer and the recruitment provider. All fees, payment terms and guarantee periods will be quoted, negotiated and invoiced by the recruitment provider and are outside this platform.


Every reasonable effort is made to ensure that all parties associated with Appoint Me® are honest, reputable and compliant with their legislative duties and obligations. Appoint Me® does not accept responsibility for the negligence, dishonesty or misconduct of any job seeker, employer or recruitment provider. Nor do we accept responsibility for any loss, expense or damage incurred directly or indirectly as the result of the introduction of any of the parties, and all such liability is hereby expressly excluded.


Any breach of these Terms and Conditions (intentional or otherwise) may result in your account being made inactive. Should Appoint Me® have reasonable opinion to believe that you ACT in any way that is negligent or detrimental to any job seeker or recruitment provider or should an employer or employer representative provide any information that is misleading their account will be made inactive. By registering with Appoint Me® as a prospective employer you acknowledge that you have a commitment to applicable employment legislation and obligations including, but not limited to duties and responsibilities with regards to relevant Awards, the Fair Work Act, NES, WHS, EO and Privacy and these terms and conditions apply.


Appoint Me® Appoint Me Pty Ltd A.B.N. 55 115 679 859
Services Facilitating engagement between employers and job seekers.
Job seeker A person seeking employment that has registered/created a profile on Appoint Me®. They have provided two (2) recent work references and completed a phone or video interview.
Employer An Australian business that engages the services of Appoint Me® to acces a job seeker to fulfil a vacancy within their business.
Recruitment Provider Any licenced employment, labour-hire, recruitment or personnel provider that registers with Appoint Me®, to promote a pre-screened job seeker.
Fee A fee for utilising Appoint Me® online services to search for and contact job seekers, and/or hire job seekers.
Terms of Agreement Upon registering with Appoint Me®, these terms and conditions apply, unless variations to these terms and conditions are confirmed in writing.