This sets out the terms and conditions between you (“the Job Seeker”) and Appoint Me Pty Ltd. A.B.N. 55115679859 (“Appoint Me®”) for the provision of on-line recruitment services.


It is free to join and create a job seeker account and profile on www.appointme.com.au. In creating your job seeker account we ask that you provide honest and detailed information which will assist in you securing a suitable role. You are also required to disclose such information to any recruitment provider and employer registered with Appoint Me®.

Prior to being offered a role with an employer that is registered with Appoint Me® you may be required to meet with an employer or registered recruitment provider to undergo a job interview and comply with appropriate checks. These could be such things as skill and referee checks and/or further job related or industry required check’s including but not limited to such things as Police Records Check, Working with Children Check and Pre-employment medical check. You may be asked to provide copies of any formal qualification(s) or certificates including statements of attainment. You may also be required to provide a copy of your passport or proof of right to work if you are not an Australian or New Zealand Citizen or do not have Permanent Resident Status.

Any further training, licences or checks required for a particular role are your expense.


Relief/Casual, Working Holiday, Temporary, Contract Assignments and Permanent Placements
Businesses have human resources needs for various reasons and therefore the time requirements differ also. At times a business require short term assistance so they will search and engage the services of a job seeker to help fill a gap in their workforce on a temporary or short-term basis. If you are seeking a long-term permanent role but also happy to undertake a temporary assignment in the interim then you can register for both temporary and permanent work with Appoint Me®


Appoint Me® would like to inform you that as a job seeker you too have duties and responsibilities as employees with regards to WHS, EEO, Privacy, Confidentiality and other employment legislation.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Appoint Me® has a commitment to the privacy provisions and principles of the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000. See our on-line privacy policy.


Although every reasonable effort is made to ensure that all parties associated with Appoint Me® are honest, reputable and compliant with their duties and obligations with regards to employment and related legislation. Appoint Me® does not accept responsibility for the negligence, dishonesty or misconduct of any job seeker, employer or recruitment provider, nor do we accept responsibility for any loss, expense or damage incurred directly or indirectly as the result of the introduction of any of the parties or engagement of a job seeker and all such liability is hereby expressly excluded.

Appoint Me® is an on-line tool that can potentially help bring you together with a recruitment provider or potential employer to potentially help you secure your next short or long-term role. Appoint Me® in no way guarantees that you will indeed be contacted by a recruitment provider and/or employer or secure employment by registering with us.


Any breach of these Terms and Conditions (intentional or otherwise) may result in your account being made inactive. Should Appoint Me® have reasonable opinion to believe that you ACT in any way that is negligent or detrimental to any employer, other job seeker, or recruitment provider and should you provide any information that is misleading or should you not meet your obligations, duties and responsibilities as employees your account will be made inactive. If you do not check-in daily to ensure your availability your profile will be hidden and not appear in employer and recruitment provider searches.


Appoint Me® Appoint Me Pty Ltd A.B.N. 55115679859
Services A streamlined and hassle-free ‘people on-line’ recruitment service that promotes the skills, qualifications, experience and availability of ready now job seekers and brings together employers, job seekers and recruitment providers. Job Seekers register and upload their profile on Appoint Me®, Employers and Recruitment Providers search and select for contact to potentially engage a suitable job seeker for a vacancy in their business.
Self-listed Job Seeker A person seeking employment that has registered/uploaded their profile on Appoint Me®. Self-listed means (skills not yet verified) by any recruitment provider registered with Appoint Me®.
Qualified Job Seeker A self listed job seeker that a recruitment provider has verified that they have interviewed, skill and reference checked.
Employer An Australian business that engages the services of Appoint Me® to search for a suitable self-listed or qualified job seeker for a vacancy within their business.
Recruitment Provider Any employment, labour-hire, recruitment or personnel provider that registers with to Appoint Me®, to search for a self-listed or qualified job seeker or to promote a qualified job seeker.
Fee A fee for utilising Appoint Me® online recruitment services to contact self-listed or qualified job seekers.
Terms of Agreement Upon registering with Appoint Me®, these terms and conditions apply, unless variations to these terms and conditions are confirmed in writing.